How it Works
Getting married?? Lots to shop and not enough time? Don’t know
where to look for that perfect wedding trousseau/ensemble? Fear
not! Bridezilla & Co has all the answers to your wedding woes.

Get in touch with us!

- I - Once you book an appointment,
we will arrive at your doorstep
and have a rendezvous - to tell
you about ourselves, and of course
to learn all about you!
- II - Once you choose the package
most suitable to you, our stylists
will work with you to understand
your style, likes and dislikes,
city preferences and
budgetary requirements.

Pick a package


Sit back, and select!

- III - This is where the fun begins!
After research and brainstorming,
we will present to you a list of
designers and labels from our
database that are the best fit for
you! All you have to do is sit back
and be spoilt for choice!
- IV - We will schedule all your
appointments for you to meet the
designers and place your orders
with them.

Crunch Time!


The last stretch!

- V - Now comes the time for all the 
trials and final details of all your
orders! Don’t fret; everything will
be brought to your doorstep.
Home trials, pick ups
and drop offs – its all on us!*
- VI - And finally, all your outfits
and gifting selections will be
brought to your doorstep from
across the country – signed,
 sealed, delivered and all yours!
A perfect ending, to your wedding

Happy Ending!